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We provide a preventative maintenance service for the entire Bridgeport machine range with service contracts if required, and carry out full refurbishment and rebuilds of new and used machines.


Using Renishaw's QC10 ballbar system we can improve machine performance through targeted maintenance, and increase the productivity of your machine shop. A quick 10-minute test with the QC10 ballbar is all that is required to assess the performance of your machines capabilities, and will aid you in:


  • Increasing machine uptime and productivity

  • Reducing scrap

  • Pinpointing specific machine faults

  • Forming predictive maintenance programs

  • Complys with ISO, ANSI, JIS, QS9000 and ATA standards


Our Bridgeport servicing includes VMC, HSC, 5AX, FGC, HMC, BRJ and Interact.


We can also service your motors, spindles, drives, encoders and controls!

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